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The Set Font and Size command lets you set the font and size of text in text windows, shortcut list windows, and transfer window file lists. It also lets you set the tab width used in text windows.

This command is available as:

  • The Set Font and Size command in the View menu

When you choose Set Font and Size, a dialog appears asking you what font and size you'd like the current window to use. Normally the new font and size settings affect only the current window, and only until you close it. If you want all windows of the same kind as the current window to use the new font and size settings permanently, check the Make these settings default checkbox.

For instance, to change the font and size used by all file lists, choose Set Font and Size when a transfer window is active, and check Make these settings default. This will not affect the permanent font setting for text windows or shortcut list windows.

In text windows, the Set Font and Size command also allows you to set the width of the tab stops used to display tabs in the text.