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Bonjour (called Rendezvous on older version of Mc OS X) is a feature of Mac OS X that lets computers automatically discover and advertise services on a network with minimal or no configuration. Bonjour is based on an official Internet standard known as Zeroconf.

Fetch will automatically find Bonjour FTP and SFTP servers on your networks. They appear in the New Connection dialog's Shortcuts pop-up menu and in the list of shortcuts at the bottom of the Shortcuts menu. They are identified by the Bonjour icon before the name.

The advantage of Bonjour is that you do not need to know a server's hostname or address to find it — servers simply appear automatically in the Fetch shortcut menus. Choosing one fills out the correct information in the New Connection dialog for Fetch to access it. Otherwise, working with Bonjour FTP and SFTP servers in Fetch is just like working with any other server — you can transfer files to and from the server, you can save a shortcut to one, etc.

When you choose a Bonjour server from the Shortcuts menu, Fetch automatically tries to log you in to the server with your current Mac OS X username. To use a different username, hold down the Option key when choosing the server from the Shortcuts menu. This will display the New Connection dialog filled out with the information for connecting to the Bonjour server. Edit the username, and then click Connect.

You can create Bonjour FTP and SFTP servers on a Macintosh using the Sharing pane of System Preferences. To create a Bonjour FTP server, enable FTP Access; to create a Bonjour SFTP server, enable Remote Login (SSH). Note that enabling either of these options turns that Macintosh into a full-fledged file server that can be accessed from anywhere on the Internet, as well as via Bonjour, by anyone who has an account on that Macintosh and knows that Macintosh's hostname or IP address.