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Fetch supports connecting to servers securely using Kerberos via the FTP with GSSAPI and FTP with KClient connection types.

Kerberos is a network security system developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that allows two computers on an insecure network to trust each other, and provides ways for the computers to exchange information securely. It is most often used inside companies or colleges, to regulate access to a wide variety of network services — one of the benefits of Kerberos is that a single username and password can grant a user access to many services. Kerberos support is built into Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and many UNIX operating systems.

To use Kerberos for secure connections in Fetch, the server you are connecting to must also support Kerberos. If you try to connect with Kerberos to a server that doesn't support it, you will receive an error.

You must also have a proper Kerberos configuration file on your Macintosh (if you are already using other Kerberos services successfully, you probably have one), and have an account in the Kerberos realm that the server uses for authentication. Consult your network administrator or local tech support for further information on using Kerberos at your organization.

To connect to a server using Kerberos, choose either FTP with GSSAPI or FTP with KClient from the Connect Using pop-up menu in the New Connection dialog. Choosing GSSAPI or KClient enables the Enable Encryption checkbox. If this box is checked, all of your communication will be protected; otherwise only your password will be protected, but performance may be better. Note also that the password field disappears; your Kerberos ticket will be used to authenticate you instead. Some Kerberos connections may require you to type a password later in the connection sequence; if so, you will be prompted.

Fetch supports a special URL format for specifying Kerberos FTP connections. See the Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) help topic for more information.

Unlike earlier versions, Fetch 5 and later do not require the Mac OS X Kerberos Extras from MIT to use Kerberos with FTP connections.

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