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StuffIt X Archive format is a compression and archive format created by Allume Systems (formerly Aladdin Systems) as part of their StuffIt line of products, and is a common method for storing files on the Macintosh. The StuffIt X Archive format takes multiple files and encodes them into a single file, compressing the data to take up less space at the same time. StuffIt X archives typically have names ending with the extension ".sitx". Fetch can create StuffIt X archives when putting files, and automatically decode them when getting files.

StuffIt X Archive format will preserve both the data and resource forks of Macintosh files, as well as long file names and other Macintosh Finder information, making it a good format to use if you are creating archives of files to give to other Macintosh users. StuffIt X is an improved version of the original StuffIt (.sit) format — while Fetch only creates StuffIt X files when uploading, it can automatically decode and recognize both StuffIt X and the older StuffIt archive formats when downloading. Even if other Macintosh users are not using Fetch to download files you upload, they can use the free StuffIt Expander to decode and decompress StuffIt X archives. StuffIt Expander is included with some versions of Mac OS X, or is available as a free download; it is also available as a free download for the Windows operating system.

See the upload formats help topic for information about encoding files in StuffIt X Archive format when uploading. You cannot set StuffIt X Archive format as your default upload format.

Fetch automatically recognizes and decodes StuffIt X archives when downloading, although automatic recognition can be turned on and off by either:

  • Selecting a remote file whose name ends with ".sitx" or ".sit", choosing Remote > Get Info to show the info window, and, in the Transfer Options pane, checking or unchecking the Automatically decode files like this checkbox — this will enable or disable decoding of StuffIt X archives but will not affect the decoding of other formats, such as Zip archives;
  • Or choosing Fetch > Preferences, clicking the Download tab, and checking or unchecking the Allow automatic decoding of downloaded files checkbox — this will enable or disable decoding of all file types.

For more information about using StuffIt X archives in Fetch, see the StuffIt and Archive formats help topic. For more details about the StuffIt X format and compression, visit the Allume StuffIt X webpage.

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