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Fetch displays the error, "The file cannot be decoded because the format of this StuffIt file is too new." when you try to download a StuffIt file.

This error means that Fetch tried to automatically decode a StuffIt file, but the StuffIt file was in a format that is incompatible with Fetch. This sometimes happens with StuffIt file created by a version of StuffIt that is newer than Fetch.

If you encounter a StuffIt file like this, you need to tell Fetch to stop trying to automatically decode it, and to use StuffIt Expander instead. You also need to make sure that you have a recent version of StuffIt Expander.

To keep Fetch from attempting to automatically decode incompatible StuffIt files:

  1. Select a StuffIt file in the transfer window file list.
  2. Choose Remote > Get Info.
  3. In the Transfer Options pane of the info window, uncheck the Automatically decode files like this checkbox.
  4. Also in the Transfer Options pane of the info window, click the Save and open the file button in the "After transferring a file like this" section.

To make sure you have a recent verison of StuffIt Expander, visit its download page.

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