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4.0.1 runs in 9.2 but not in 10.1.1 (4 posts)

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  • Started 22 years ago by Kirk Candlish
  • Latest reply 22 years ago from Kirk Candlish
  • Kirk Candlish Member

    I've read the other posts but didn't find any answers on this one.

    I'm fine in 9.2.1 but in 10.1.1 Fetch doesn't find my shortcuts and it doesn't connect. I get as far as 'getting file list' and it hangs there forever.

    Passive is not checked.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Kirk

    Posted 22 years ago #

  • Kirk Candlish Member

    OK, I should have read further before posting. Unchecking use Internet config and checking passive works.

    Now how do I get me shortcuts to work ?

    Posted 22 years ago #

  • Jim Matthews Administrator

    To transfer your shortcuts from 9 to X choose "Open..." from the File menu and open the file named "Fetch Shortcuts" in the Preferences folder of your 9 System Folder. Then choose "Fetch Shortcuts" from the Window menu. You can then drag shortcuts between the two windows (hold down the Option key to copy rather than move the shortcuts).

    Jim Matthews
    Fetch Softworks

    Posted 22 years ago #

  • Kirk Candlish Member

    Thank you very much.

    Posted 22 years ago #

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