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404 can not find requested url ! (2 posts)

  • Started 14 years ago by jcheuk
  • Latest reply 14 years ago from foghole
  • jcheuk Member

    Hello, I am trying to upload my isu graphic design website for my class to
    however it says the requested URL was not found on the server. I uploaded a folder with everything inside of it on to the program FETCH. How can I see my website?
    My process was as follows:

    username: jcheuk
    connect using: FTP with GSSAPI
    I checked : enable encryption
    (I left everything else blank)
    I named my first file- a flash video as "index.html",
    and I dragged and dropped my folder into the website.
    Should I have put "" into the "intial folder" spot?

    Do you think the it won't work because my University's webpage server does not support flash?

    *edit* i think I should mention that I made my pages in Illustrator and then used Dreamweaver, using the design aspects of it. I think there is a way to do this without using code at all, right?

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  • foghole Member

    Your index.html file must be a plain text (ASCII) file.

    Your flash video should have the extension .flv or .swf and not renamed to .html

    index.html doesn't actually appear on a webpage but it contains special "tags" that a web browser knows how to interpret and display on your screen including instructions on running your flash file.


     		<title>My page</title>
     		This is my Web page content!

    If you use Apple's "Textedit", click "Format" -> "Make Plain Text" before pasting the above code. (otherwise it will insist on saving as .rtf)

    Copy and paste everything between the dotted lines into Textedit, "Save As" index.html to your desktop, and double click the file.

    Your browser will open with the heading "My page" at the top of the screen and the sentence "This is my Web page content!" on the page.

    It's a good idea to run your website on your computer before publishing it to your server to test it out.

    Here's a basic HTML Web Page Example page I found on the internet showing how to create a basic simple HTML page.

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    [This message has been edited by foghole (edited 05-26-2009).]

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