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5.3.1 major annoyance (4 posts)

  • Started 12 years ago by Shaun
  • Latest reply 12 years ago from Shaun
  • Shaun Member

    Hello. Proud owner of 5.3.1 until a few months ago, and I can't pinpoint exactly when. But when I try and connect to a server, and I have a list of 20 or more, I get this error: "The shortcut cannot be used because the server is unreachable."

    I click "OK" and the standard connection window shows with host and username info filled in, but no password. When I click on the Password field this error pops up twice in succession: "These settings cannot be used because the server is unreachable."

    After I clear both messages, I again click on the Password field where I am able to input the password, click connect and Fetch connects to the server as it normally would.

    Here is the transcript BEFORE I'm able to connect doesn't look like much help:

    Fetch 5.3.1 (5D226) PowerPC running on Mac OS X 10.5.8 (9L31a) PowerPC English
    StuffIt Engine 0x820, StuffIt SDK Version 10.1.1b1
    Partial serial FETCH5X001-CXVG-X8KE T

    What's the deal? Obviously I'm able to eventually connect, the server is not unreachable. I've removed all preferences and the same thing happens. I've tried running the 5.6 trial version with the same results, so upgrading isn't going to help. Is this a shortcut problem? Some hidden preferences?

    Occasionally, when the "These settings..." message pops up, it will loop infinitely and ramp up processors to 100% until I force quit Fetch.

    Also, when I "show Shortcuts" and try to connect that way, I receive an error -31059. Googling that error had zero results.

    Thanks for any help.

    Posted 12 years ago #

  • Shaun Member

    Just noticed something interesting. After inputting the password and checking the "Add to keychain" box, The error pops up and I cannot connect. If I leave the box unchecked, I'm able to connect.

    I opened Keychain Access and repaired and restarted, but the problem persists.

    Thanks again.

    Posted 12 years ago #

  • Jim Matthews Administrator


    Good sleuthing! It looks like your keychain file is corrupted. You may need to reset your keychain; there are instructions here:

    Note: resetting the keychain will lose the passwords you've saved. If you have a backup of the keychain file you might try restoring the keychain file from a backup and checking if it works, before resorting to resetting the keychain.

    Jim Matthews
    Fetch Softworks

    Posted 12 years ago #

  • Shaun Member

    I managed to restore an older version of the Keychain file from Time Machine and now all is well! Thank you!

    Posted 12 years ago #


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