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Applescript needed for up/downloading (2 posts)

  • Started 13 years ago by Philip
  • Latest reply 13 years ago from Jim Matthews
  • Philip Member

    Dear Fetchsoftworks

    I need the following as either one or two separate Applescripts (or some other form of automation) which reliably (and as speedily as possible) do the following:

    -- continuously check a folder called "fetchdown" on my server [see below for details of server], and when any file "appears" in it (ie finishes being copied into it) downloads the file to a folder on the desktop of my Mac called "downf" and when the download is successfully completed, moves the file from "fetchdown" to a folder called "fetchsent" alongside it;

    -- continuously check a folder called "upf" on the desktop of my Mac, and when any **FOLDER** or file "appears" in it (ie finishes being copied into it) uploads the file OR FOLDER to a folder on the server called "fetchup" and when successfully uploaded moves the file from "upf" to a folder called "sentf" on my Mac's desktop;

    I am using Fetch 5.6 and MacOS X 10.4.11 (Intel iMac, not wishing to upgrade at present for various reasons!). The "server" is a "shared hosting" service on a Linux host, for which I have the username and password, and can successfully connect and perform actions manually with Fetch.

    As I am not very competent at scripting, or programming in general, I am hoping and looking for a complete ready-to-go solution, even if it costs me something!!

    Looking forward to hearing from you. Philip

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  • Jim Matthews Administrator

    Hi Philip,

    The example scripts for Fetch, which you can download from , include a script called It continuously checks a specified server folder, downloads any files that appear there, and then moves the files to a "downloaded" sub-folder. You might experiment with it to see if it meets your needs. I'd be happy to answer any questions about it.

    As for your second request, we have a Fetch Help topic that goes through the steps of setting up a Folder Action script for uploading files dropped in a folder:

    I hope this helps,

    Jim Matthews
    Fetch Softworks

    Posted 13 years ago #


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