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  • Started 17 years ago by Laura Rafter
  • Latest reply 17 years ago from Scott McGuire
  • Laura Rafter Member

    I have to work out how to back up our website for the company i work for and i was told by our service provider to do this via an FTP Client software. Downloaded Fetch (After trying Cyberduck and having it crash before even doing anything everyday for a week). What do i do once i have connected to FETCH and can see the files press and press get. I waited over a hour and then did a help check and read that sometimes it has finished even if it doesnt say so. So i pressed stop and a bunch of files come up. I thought i should press get again and get them to go to the computer. Is this right? But i couldn t get them to go anywhere but the desktop so had to stop that also. Do i even need to press get again?

    Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated. I also backed up the website using Drupal through our server which is something the website designer set up.

    I think the other problem is i am not used to using Mac`s and the commands are all different. I know nothing about websites, FTP or anything which is making this task quite difficult. So while the above may sound really stupid i really really need help!!!!


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  • Scott McGuire Administrator

    Hi Laura,

    I think the first thing you want to do is specify a location for the downloaded files to go, since you don't want them on the desktop, and so that you know where they go once they're downloaded. To do this:

    * Choose Preferences from the Fetch menu.
    * Click the Download tab.
    * From the "Save downloaded files to" pop-up menu, choose either "Other" or "Ask every time." If you choose "Other," you can pick a new folder where downloaded files will always go; if you choose "Ask every time" you'll be asked where you want downloaded files to go each time you click the Get button (that is, for every batch of files, not for every file).
    * Close the Preferences window.

    Then you should probably start the process of downloading the files over again. Connect to the server, select all the files that make up the website, and click the Get button. Your files will start downloading. The name of each file will be displayed in the bottom part of the Fetch window as it is downloaded.

    Fetch does not display an overall progress for the entire batch of files; it only displays the progress for each file. You'll know Fetch is done downloading all your files when the status display stops updating. You can also tell Fetch to play a sound when the download is done by going to the Preferences, clicking the General tab, and choosing an option from the "Background notification" pop-up.

    For a large website, it might take an hour to download all the files. However, watch the status display to make sure that new files are being downloaded; if it gets stuck after the first file, let us know.

    I hope this helps,

    Scott McGuire
    Fetch Softworks

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