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  • Started 16 years ago by lyden
  • Latest reply 16 years ago from lyden
  • lyden Member

    Hi !

    I am having trouble uploading a "large" file (42mb) through Fetch!

    I have not run out of space

    (never had this error before)

    Here is the continuing error message :

    Below is my Fetch Transcript:

    KD tonymc
    257 "tonymc" : The directory was successfully created
    CWD tonymc
    250 OK. Current directory is /domains/
    257 "/domains/" is your current location
    227 Entering Passive Mode (64,13,232,110,214,222)
    Making data connection to port 55006
    LIST -al
    150 Accepted data connection
    drwxr-xr-x 2 117741 18520 2048 Mar 12 21:57 .
    drwxr-xr-x 8 117741 18520 2048 Mar 12 21:57 ..
    226-Options: -a -l
    226 2 matches total
    TYPE I
    200 TYPE is now 8-bit binary
    227 Entering Passive Mode (64,13,232,110,197,248)
    Making data connection to port 50680
    150 Accepted data connection
    Unsuccessful transfer of (32,353,920/44,212,592 bytes, 17,825 bytes/sec, 30:15 elapsed) stopped at 3/12/08 11:28:05 PM (error: 2,-30014)
    ftp_store: 2,-30014 (state == PUT_SENDING)

    Posted 16 years ago #

  • lyden Member

    I manage to solve it with this :

    But I still don't understand why I couldn't upload ?

    Regards Lyden

    Posted 16 years ago #

  • lyden Member

    Hi again

    Its just not possible to upload files larger than 40 MB ???

    Unless I use the ResumeUpload option.

    A bit frustrated!

    Regards Lyden

    Posted 16 years ago #

  • Scott McGuire Administrator

    Hi Lyden,

    We're glad to hear the resume upload feature helped you finish your upload.

    There is no limitation in Fetch that prevents files larger than 40 MB from being uploaded.

    There may be some problem with how the server responds to uploads larger than 40 MB, or it may just be the result of occasional glitches on the server or in your network - the larger (and longer) an upload is, the more chance there is that a temporary glitch will happen and your transfer will be interrupted. Unfortunately neither of these is under our control.

    However, if you could send us a transcript the next time you encounter a dropped connection when uploading a large file, we'll take a look and see if we have any suggestions on ways to solve the problem.

    To send us a transcript, do the following:

    * After the error occurs, choose Fetch Transcript from the Window menu.
    * Copy the entire contents of the transcript window.
    * Send them in an email to:

    bugs at fetchsoftworks dot com

    Along with a short description of your problem.


    Scott McGuire
    Fetch Softworks

    Posted 16 years ago #

  • lyden Member


    Thank you Scott I will!

    [This message has been edited by lyden (edited 03-13-2008).]

    Posted 16 years ago #


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