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DropUpload changes (3 posts)

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  • Started 20 years ago by iordonez
  • Latest reply 20 years ago from iordonez
  • iordonez Member


    I'm not very good at apple script and I'm trying to make some small changes to DropUpload. Basially all I want is a dialog box to ask for user name and password. The server will be set static and files will be uploaded to users remote home directory. Any Ideas on how this could work?

    Posted 20 years ago #

  • Jim Matthews Administrator

    Here's a DropUpload that asks for a user id. Fetch will prompt the user for a password:

    property gDestHost : ""

    on open doc
    set dialog_reply to display dialog "Enter User ID:"
    if button returned of dialog_reply = "OK" then
    set desturl to "ftp://" & (text returned of dialog_reply) & ":@" & gDestHost & "/"
    end if
    with timeout of 60000 seconds
    tell application "Fetch 4.0.3"
    put into url desturl item doc
    end tell
    end timeout
    end open


    Jim Matthews
    Fetch Softworks

    Posted 20 years ago #

  • iordonez Member

    You totally rock ;)

    Posted 20 years ago #

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