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Fetch 3.0.1 don't list directory (2 posts)

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  • Started 18 years ago by Stbll
  • Latest reply 18 years ago from Jim Matthews
  • Stbll Member

    I use a free FTP server on Windows 2000 and some users can't connect to my FTP server using Fetch 3.0.1 on MAC OS 9.
    In the past when I hadn't any firewall all were ok, but now i have installed an hardware firewall. The 21 port is open on the firewall and form the internal LAN i can connect to the server via Fetch, but some external users cannot. If someone can help...

    Thank you

    Posted 18 years ago #

  • Jim Matthews Administrator

    By installing a firewall in front of your server you've blocked passive mode, which is the recommended mode for FTP clients. You can suggest that your users turn off passive mode; they will also have to turn off any firewall on their computers. Or you can turn off your firewall; firewalls and FTP servers really don't go together.


    Jim Matthews
    Fetch Softworks

    Posted 18 years ago #

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