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Fetch automatically overwrites files when uploading (2 posts)

  • Started 15 years ago by aidanp
  • Latest reply 15 years ago from Scott McGuire
  • aidanp Member

    When dragging files from the desktop into fetch to upload, it is overwriting anything with the same filename, without prompt. Is there anyway to set Fetch to notify if there are duplicates? I'm uploading .gxf video files.


    Posted 15 years ago #

  • Scott McGuire Administrator


    No, we're sorry, there is currently no way to have Fetch warn you about overwriting files when you upload.

    In our experience, almost all users always want new files with the same name to replace the existing files on the server automatically. We realize that there are a some users who do not prefer this, and we apologize; we may offer warnings in a future version.

    Note that in the case where you are uploading a folder and there is a folder with the same name on the server, Fetch does not completely replace the contents of the existing folder. Instead Fetch will merge the contents of the new folder with the contents of the existing folder - so files that are in the existing folder on the server but not in the new folder being uploaded will not be deleted (but files with the same name will be replaced by the newer versions).


    Scott McGuire
    Fetch Softworks

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