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Fetch cannot see files from one mac, but can from other (2 posts)

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  • Started 19 years ago by guest
  • Latest reply 19 years ago from Jim Matthews
  • guest Registered Member

    I have an issue whereby a user who has Fetch cannot see files when she logs into our ftp, yet I am able to see them fine when connecting using Fetch from my machine.

    We are both using PowerMac G4 400mz machines with identical network settings. We use the same version of Fetch 3.03 and we use the same login info for the FTP server.

    This has occured with other people and I thought it might have just been a fluke, but now it is happening all the time.

    Posted 19 years ago #

  • Jim Matthews Administrator

    Can she see the files after choosing "Refresh File List" from the Directories menu?


    Jim Matthews
    Fetch Softworks

    Posted 19 years ago #

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