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Fetch can't handle long path names == useless? (3 posts)

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  • Started 22 years ago by allenhuffman
  • Latest reply 22 years ago from allenhuffman
  • allenhuffman Member

    Fetch (4.0 trial, OS X) complains that it cannot handle long path lists, making it useless for my directory structure. What is the limit and can it please be expanded? I can't even delete the folder using Fetch due to this. (I'm trying to find an FTP client that can do a smart sync/mirror, and so far none of the Mac ones can do it -- Transmit crashes, Interachy errors out, Fetch complains about long paths, etc.).

    -- Allen

    Posted 22 years ago #

  • Jim Matthews Administrator

    Yes, Fetch needs some tweaking to handle arbitrary path lengths. That's on my list for a future release, but unfortunately I don't have an estimated date when that will be available.

    It may be possible to delete a folder with too-long paths by renaming the top level folders to single-character names until the total path length is short enough for Fetch to handle it.

    Thanks for the feedback,

    Jim Matthews
    Fetch Softworks

    Posted 22 years ago #

  • allenhuffman Member

    Thank you for the fast reply -- I will check back down the line. I want the X beta for awhile and it was quite nice.

    After more searching (thanks to VersionTracker) I did find an FTP client that seems to actually handle the volume of files I have (a photo archive with over 20,000 files in it). Wow.

    My next effort is going to be finding an FTP client that has a Mirror/Sync (which Fetch has, if I recall) that actually works.

    Fetch doesn't seem to let me specify the "overwrite" criteria and always reuploads files (sigh). I'd be happy with settings like "newer than Mac src time stamp / file size is smaller|larger than Mac src file" and having them control overwrite or not. Back when I ran Windows exclusively, the program I used did all this perfectly but I have yet to find a similar Mac product.

    Thanks again! -- Allen

    Posted 22 years ago #

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