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Fetch connection problem (3 posts)

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  • Started 20 years ago by ldraxx
  • Latest reply 20 years ago from ldraxx
  • ldraxx Member

    I have used Fetch successfully on my desktop Imac OSX. I access my files remotely through a VPN to my company network. I type in the IP address, the user name, the password and voila, am there.
    Now I have a Powerbook G4 and when I try to do the same thing in my office - without the VPN as I am hooked up internally in the network - it doesn't work. i get a "timed out".

    Whats going on? Seems like it should work.
    "FTP" from a terminal window works.

    I moved Fetch over from my desktop to my lap top, it would seem that it should work (and indeed seems to come up just fine) just no connection!


    Posted 20 years ago #

  • Jim Matthews Administrator

    Could you post the contents of the Fetch Transcript window after you see the problem (choose "Fetch Transcript" from the Window menu)? That information should help me figure out what's going wrong.


    Jim Matthews
    Fetch Softworks

    Posted 20 years ago #

  • ldraxx Member

    I found out the problem, I needed to go to preferences/firewall and select "none" I suppose that because I am inside the firewall, I don't need to have a proxy for firewall?

    not sure, but it sounds good to me!

    thanks for your prompt reply!

    Posted 20 years ago #

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