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Fetch displaying file system rights... (3 posts)

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  • Started 20 years ago by lgrammer
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  • lgrammer Member


    We've had an issue with Fetch sometimes when clients connect to our Novell 5.1 FTP server the program will display the file system rights and the name of the person who created the current directory, and not the proper file listing. If they to the Directories option and click refresh current view, it will change their display and show the correct files/sub directories. In the past this has just been a nuisance but we now have a client that is trying to use an automated script through fetch and he is running into the same problem. He was using Fetch 3, so I suggested trying 4.0.3 in hopes the issue has been resolved in a later version. Any insight is appreciated.


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  • Jim Matthews Administrator

    The problem is that the server uses a file list format that Fetch 3 does not recognize. I believe that support was added in Fetch 4, but you should check to make sure. If that support isn't there you could use the "refresh file list" AppleScript command in Fetch 4.0.3 to force Fetch to re-download the file list.


    Jim Matthews
    Fetch Softworks

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  • lgrammer Member

    Thank you Jim. We were thinking this was the case. In the past I did test Fetch 4 right when it was released and the problem still occured. However, I downloaded the newest version and the few times I tried, I did not see this issue. Maybe 4.0.3 is working properly. Anyway, thank you.

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