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Fetch opens in Script Editor on Tiger (1 post)

This is an archived topic. The information in it is likely to be out-of-date and no longer applicable to current versions of Fetch.
  • Started 18 years ago by Jim Matthews
  • Jim Matthews Administrator

    Tiger sometimes has trouble with applications whose names end in a period followed by a number, such as "Fetch 4.0.3" or "Photoshop 7.0". If you see this problem you should:

    1) Choose "Preferences..." from the Finder menu in the Finder
    2) Click the Advanced icon
    3) Check the Show all file extensions checkbox

    Then rename your copy of Fetch to "Fetch 4" or "Fetch". If that does not solve the problem please email support at fetchsoftworks dot com.


    Jim Matthews
    Fetch Softworks

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