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Fetch Unexpectedly Quits. . . Continuously (3 posts)

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  • Started 20 years ago by baratin
  • Latest reply 20 years ago from baratin
  • baratin Member

    I just upgraded to Fetch 4.0.3 for OSX it worked fine. Until I upgraded OSX to 10.2 (Jaguar). Now it continously hangs on connect. Then fetch unexpectedly quits. Is there another patch or upgrade for Jaguar?

    Posted 20 years ago #

  • Jim Matthews Administrator

    Fetch 4.0.3 is the release for Jaguar, and I haven't heard other reports of problems like the one you're describing. The first thing I would try is removing the Fetch Prefs, Fetch Shortcuts and Fetch Cache files from the Preferences folder in the Library folder in your home directory. Does that help?


    Jim Matthews
    Fetch Softworks

    Posted 20 years ago #

  • baratin Member

    Okay, I was wrong. Somehow when I downloaded 4.0.3 it didn't get installed correctly and when I went to remove those files, I realized that the dock was telling me I had 4.0.1. I went ahead and removed those files anway and got 4.0.3 installed correctly, and now it's fine. Thanks for your help!

    Posted 20 years ago #

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