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File count limit (3 posts)

  • Started 12 years ago by Dan Mahoney
  • Latest reply 12 years ago from Dan Mahoney
  • Dan Mahoney Member

    I'm sure this is addressed somewhere but I can't find it:
    Is there a file count limit of 8,000 files? When I look in folders I know have more than 10,000 files, Fetch says "7,9998 items".

    Posted 12 years ago #

  • Scott McGuire Administrator

    Hi Dan,

    Fetch has no limits on the number of files it will show.

    Unfortunately, some FTP servers do have an issue where they will only show FTP clients such as Fetch a certain number of files in a folder. It sounds like that is the problem you're experiencing (it sounds like the server's limit is 8,000 files).

    There isn't anything Fetch can do about this, because Fetch asks the server to tell it *all* the files in the folder, but the server only sends back 8,000. You should contact the company or the people who run the server and see if they can make a change to the server so that you can see all of your files.

    Please let us know if you have further questions.


    Scott McGuire
    Fetch Softworks

    Posted 12 years ago #

  • Dan Mahoney Member

    Will do. Thanks for the info, Scott.

    Posted 12 years ago #


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