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Follow which Pref? (2 posts)

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    On the first tab of Fetch Preferences, there is a check box for "Use Internet Config." What does this apply to? My specific interest is whether this makes Fetch conform to the PASV setting in Internet Config or does the PASV setting in the Firewall tab take precedence?

    Background: I run a Win2K IIS server to which clients connect. Sometimes they have problems which seem to be alleviated to a large degree by using PASV setting. I'm writing some web help pages and would like to keep the instructions concise.


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  • Jim Matthews Administrator

    I would advice users to change the setting in the Firewall tab of Fetch Preferences. On Mac OS 9 and ealier, if you check "Use Internet Config" you can also change that setting in Internet Config. On Mac OS X you can only change it in Fetch Preferences, regardless of the setting of "Use Internet Config."

    I hope this helps,

    Jim Matthews
    Fetch Softworks

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