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    I am new to posting photos on other web sites. I run an iMac OS 10.03.8. I have a DSL connection thru SBC/Yahoo.
    Besides software like Fetch what else do I need in order post my photos on another web site [that asks for a URL link for the pictures]? Thanks for any help. Martin

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  • Jim Matthews Administrator

    Does your SBC/Yahoo account come with some web space where you can put files? If so that's all you need. You would use Fetch to upload the pictures to the web space, and then figure out the URL to enter on the other site. SBC/Yahoo would tell you the FTP connection information (Host, User ID and Password) to enter into Fetch, and the "base URL" that all your picture URLs would start with. Then you would add on the name of the file to complete the URL.


    Jim Matthews
    Fetch Softworks

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