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Incomplete upload (firewall proxy?) (1 post)

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  • Started 21 years ago by ghawkins
  • ghawkins Member

    I've recently begun to have problems with uploading with Fetch to the university server. Interestingly enough, they just migrated and "upgraded" that server.

    The progress circle will almost completely close, but the upload will not finish. There are no errors, only this endless hanging. When I abort, a zero k file is left on the server.

    This seems to replicate the problem in the FAQ (I haven't been able to find out if they are running NT SP 6), but the same thing happens to me in netFinder and using OSX unix ftp.

    If I use a web-based client like, I can upload fine.

    This makes me think that there is a problem with the firewall that I am behind at home. The Mac from which I use Fetch has an unresolvable IP address as the result of being behind a router on my home network.

    My question is, has anyone had a similar problem and what was the workaround?

    And if the workaround involves use of a proxy, could someone please walk me through the process: I don't understand it a bit.


    Gary Hawkins

    Posted 21 years ago #

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