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iWeb - mirrored files to desktop - how do I get them into iWeb? (2 posts)

  • Started 15 years ago by USCTrojanGal
  • Latest reply 15 years ago from Scott McGuire
  • USCTrojanGal Member

    I used fetch to upload my website (that I build in iWeb.) However, now my hard drive has died...and with it all of my work on iWeb. (Yes, I know back-up. I am currently moving and my hard drive is across the country.) I need to get in to change some things on my website ASAP.
    I know that I can mirror my files back to my desktop. Does anyone know how I can get those files into iWeb?

    Posted 15 years ago #

  • Scott McGuire Administrator


    Unfortunately, as far as we know, it is not possible to import webpages back into iWeb.

    When you create a website in iWeb, it stores the site in its own custom format. When you use the "Publish to Folder," iWeb creates the pages to be uploaded by converting from its custom format to "normal" webpage format. However, iWeb does not understand webapges in normal HTML format, and has no command for converting them back to its custom format.

    So, even though you have a copy of the webpages on your website, downloading them back to your Mac will not allow you to bring them back into iWeb.

    It is possible you could edit the raw HTML to make the changes you want, but iWeb pages are complex and it may be difficult to figure out where to make the edits, especially if you want to do anything besides change some words.

    Sorry, I wish I had a better answer for you. You could try asking this question on the Apple iWeb support forum just in case someone has a solution we are not aware of.


    Scott McGuire
    Fetch Softworks

    Posted 15 years ago #


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