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Long Filenames under 9.1! (2 posts)

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  • Started 20 years ago by lifewire
  • Latest reply 20 years ago from Jim Matthews
  • lifewire Member

    Long Filenames under 9.1

    Fetch is great. Under System 9.x it could be even better: System 9.1 is capable of handling long filenames on HFSisks!

    Several Classic and Carbon programs (ZipIt 2.2.2, Tri-Catalog 5.07, CDFinder 4.1, Dave 4.0.2, Kilometre Browser 1.0, Mac Army Knife 2.8, Joke Ridge 1.0, Joliet Volume Access 1.4.2, MP3 Rage 5.6) and even a Java based FTP Server (CrushFTP 3) support this important feature under System 9.1.

    Unfortunately it seems, as if Fetch 4.03 would only support long filenames under Mac OS X. (Or am I wrong?) As it is quite important when downloading for example Linux files, to know the full name, it would be great, if this feature could be realised under 9.1, too! If you think, this would confuse the average user, because the Finder does not show the full length of the name, it could be made an option. Such a feature for Mac OS 9 is hitherto neither implemented in Transmit 1.7, nor in Anarchy 6.1, so that Fetch could beat both of them again!

    Thank you for considering my suggestions


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  • Jim Matthews Administrator

    Thanks for the feedback. I had assumed that people wouldn't want long file names when the Finder can't display them, but I guess I was wrong! I'll take your suggestion into account.


    Jim Matthews
    Fetch Softworks

    Posted 20 years ago #

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