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Mirroring suggestions (2 posts)

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  • Started 21 years ago by dtgriscom
  • Latest reply 21 years ago from Jim Matthews
  • dtgriscom Member

    Some suggestions for the Mirror function:

    - Add ability to do bidirectional synchronization (already suggested in "Fetch Help" forum)

    - Give clearer feedback on results of mirroring. At the moment, if you start a mirroring action, you just see the usual transfer window doing "magic" things, and wen done you just see a "Connected" message. I'd like to see a clear statement of "Mirroring In Progress: XXXX files unmodified, YYYY files updated, ZZZZZ bytes downloaded", and "Mirroring Succeeded: XXX files unmodified...." once done.

    - Once you create a Mirror document with "Mirror automatically when opened" turned on, there's no way to see just what's in the document. Suggestion: if you open such a document with the "Option" key held down, have it not automatically start the transfer so you can see (and modify) the options.

    - I just made a number of mirror documents, and almost every time once I'd saved the document I pressed "OK" in the "Mirror" dialog, accidentally starting the process. How about renaming the "OK" button to "Start" or "Do It", making it clear that that will perform an action rather than just closing the dialog?

    - How about making mirror documents full-fledged documents, rather than just saved configurations of the single-use "Mirror" dialog? My guess is that most uses of the "Mirror" dialog will be to create Mirror documents anyway. To make this change, move the "Save Password" and "Mirror automatically when opened" checkboxes into the Mirror dialog, get rid of the "Save..." button, and add a "Save..." item to the File menu. Also, get rid of the "Cancel" button, and add a close box to the dialog (if you try to close after changing options you'll be prompted to save). To me, that makes a mirror action a first-class document that is durable and modifiable, rather than a command that disappears once you've done it.

    - Make it clearer what type of transfer will be done (e.g. Automatic, Binary, Text, etc.) by giving the user the choice in the dialog. [How is this decided now?]


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  • Jim Matthews Administrator

    Those are great suggestions -- thanks!

    Jim Matthews
    Fetch Softworks

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