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Obscure options: set delay between connection retries (2 posts)

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  • Started 19 years ago by davidmorr
  • Latest reply 19 years ago from Jim Matthews
  • davidmorr Member

    I have noticed an "obscure option" called

    set delay between connection retries

    The default value is 0 seconds.

    I have had a few cases where in downloading large files, the connection has dropped, and the machine sits there idle until I notice and resume the download.

    I was wondering whether this setting might make Fetch try to reestablish the connection and resume the download?


    Posted 19 years ago #

  • Jim Matthews Administrator

    No, that setting only applies to the initial attempt to make a connection. Currently there's no way to automatically retry a failed transfers.


    Jim Matthews
    Fetch Softworks

    Posted 19 years ago #

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