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Passwords Not Visible After Clicking "Add To Keychain"...But I Now Want To See Them Again! (1 post)

  • Started 13 years ago by Costa
  • Costa Member

    Hi, I recently clicked on the "Add To Keychain" while in Fetch and I wished I hadn't. Now, everytime I open up my Fetch and go through my shortcuts, I don't see my passwords anywhere nor do they appear anywhere.

    The reason I did this originally was cause a client of mine wanted me to find out what his password was so, I clicked on this, then went to "Keychain Access" hoping to be able to read the encrypted password there ( which i wasn't able to )but to no avail.

    And that's where everything screwed i have to call all my clients to embarrasingly, ask them for their passwords again.

    Anyway around this? Anyway of getting the passwords to show up ( even if encrypted ) when i open up Fetch through my shortcuts, just as it once was?

    Please help me....


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    Posted 13 years ago #


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