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PLEASE! Help Transferring A Site I 'PUT' In Fetch to my GoDaddy Hosting Account PLEASE! (1 post)

  • Started 3 years ago by Dorothy
  • Dorothy Member

    I sent the following as an email to Fetch as well. I feel kinda desperate. Thanks for your patience with my long rant.

    PLEASE HELP. PLEASE! Think of your own elder relatives and have compassion :-) A lot of my generation are NOT computer nerds and are struggling hard to keep up with all the changes. I wish I could speak with Fetch!! It would be so much easier for me. I'm 70 w/some cognitive issues. I have used Fetch for MANY years!! I am using 5.7.7 on Mojave now. I started with GoDaddy hosting back when they had nothing but hosting to offer, and it was them who told me to get Fetch. I have several websites in my Fetch account. I made my websites with the 'no longer supported for years' iWeb. They still work and I hope I can keep them until I die. I'm buying a new computer but keeping my old one with Mojave since iWeb and Fetch are 32 bit apps and won't work on the new computer. I still know how to use Fetch to get one of my website's changes into GoDaddy when it is an existing website that has had files loaded into GoDaddy for a long time. But I have a 'new' entire iWeb website I've just added as a domain in GoDaddy. It is ready to receive the files to get the website up & running. I've already created a file for it on Fetch and have 'PUT' (uploaded) the files to its Fetch folder. Yet I do not know how to get them into GoDaddy. I spent almost 2 hours with 4 different GoDaddy reps tonight and all but one had no idea even what Fetch was. I finally got an old-timer who did, but didn't know how to use it (he uses some Mozilla FTP.) I pray someone can help me in a simple and straight-forward way (not complicated computer lingo.) I'm just too old to start over with a new way of doing this stuff so I hope I can get the Fetch to GoDaddy thing worked out. Thank you so much to whoever tries to help me!

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