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Publishing with iWeb (1 post)

  • Started 12 years ago by MauiSharkfin
  • MauiSharkfin Member

    If anyone has had the same problem as myself, transferring thru iWeb's FTP server and getting web addresses like I have the solution thanks to Fetch (the dog who is always running) what I have done is tested this on about 30 sites and got the same results every time, meaning a normal web address. which is like (that is normal to me) Like some of the postings are good friends at Fetch have done to help us iweb users out is publish to your local drive preferably the root and you don't have to use the site folder, you can use a number of folders for any reason then it's just a matter of publishing the 2 main files and 3 folders to the server. This has helped me out so much, I have not had one problem yet and my sites are finally getting some attention, such as goggle bots, and traffic and even on the Alexia site. It makes such a difference and I want to say thanks to Fetch for making such a great product, you have made my life so good and saved me tons of time. I have a lot of applications but yours is by far a tool every mac owner should have. I was so happy i opened a domain reseller and kind of named it after Fetch. It is anyway if anyone needs any of my help explaining the process you can email me at: you can check and see what one of the address looks like at too. Thank you Fetch

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