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Put Files/Folders set to 1,000ours to launch? (1 post)

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  • Started 18 years ago by chelsea
  • chelsea Member

    Ok. I've been trying for the last 4 days straight to transfer my files made in Flash(HTML in Dreamweaver, SWF, and SWD) through Fetch to be launched on my webhost to my domain. I have done this process 5 different times, and each time I watch the little dog for, at first 30 minutes, then 5 hours...when I reached 17 hours, with still 1000 hours to go, and something like 10million bytes to download, I figured there must be a problem. What should I do? I am a mac user and need a program like fetch to upload my web pages, which are not such big files. PLllleeeeaasseee! I am really in need here. What am I doing wrong?
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