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Remote server refuses to show file list (3 posts)

  • Started 12 years ago by Steve
  • Latest reply 12 years ago from Steve
  • Steve Member

    I am trying to connect to a server that requires TLS/SSL. I connect, get a warning that the certificate can't be verified, I click OK continue. I connect but when I get to the LIST part, it fails. I stay connected, but no list. I can send a PWD, Fetch tries again but no luck. I have tried unchecking allow PASV in preferences.

    Here's the transcript:

    257 "/" is current directory.
    TYPE A
    200 Type set to A.
    227 Entering Passive Mode (97,87,31,93,113,111).
    Making data connection to port 29039
    FTP::ftp_abort() FTP_ABOR_SENT_CMD TickCount() = 66908257 reply_received = 66908257 TickCount() - reply_received = 0
    FTP::ftp_abort() FTP_ABOR_SENT_CMD TickCount() = 66908258 reply_received = 66908257 TickCount() - reply_received = 1
    FTP::ftp_abort() FTP_ABOR_SENT_CMD TickCount() = 66908260 reply_received = 66908257 TickCount() - reply_received = 3
    226 ABOR command successful.
    PORT 172,30,189,9,204,173
    501 Server cannot accept argument.
    ftp_list: 2,-30037 (state == GETTING_LIST)
    Fetch could not get the file list because there was a timeout trying to establish a passive mode data connection. (A server firewall might be blocking passive mode (PASV) transfers. Please ask the server administrator for help.)

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  • Jim Matthews Administrator


    There appear to be two issues. As the error message states, it appears that the server has a firewall blocking passive mode FTP. I would talk to the server administrators about that.

    The alternative to passive mode is active mode, but that is not working because your Mac is using a private IP address, presumably because it's using a shared Internet connection. Active mode FTP with TLS/SSL does not work from private addresses -- the address needs to be translated into a public address, and an encrypted connection can't be translated.

    So I think your best option is contacting the server administrator about supporting passive mode.

    Jim Matthews
    Fetch Softworks

    Posted 12 years ago #

  • Steve Member

    Thank you.

    Posted 12 years ago #


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