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setting up to receive ftp (3 posts)

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  • Started 19 years ago by metropical
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  • metropical Member

    Is it possible to set up ftp to my computer or others via cable modem thru my ISP? I assume they have a firewall and I assume that there is a firewall in OSX as well as my Belkin router.

    Any place to read a how to?

    X.2.6 on a G3/450Mhz

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  • Jim Matthews Administrator

    I don't know of a site that explains how to set up an FTP server on a computer that's connected to the Internet by a conventional cable modem connection. Some of the issues you have to deal with include:

    1) The IP address assigned to you by the cable company may change periodically, changing the address that FTP clients need to connect to to reach your server. One work-around is to use a dynamic DNS name; for more informaion see this page.

    2) Your Belkin router probably uses Network Address Translation to share a single "real" IP address (the one assigned by the cable company) among the different computers on your network. To let people make FTP connections to a particular computer on your network (your G3) you'll need to set up port forwarding, e.g. so that a connection to port 21 on the router is forwarded to port 21 on your G3. Consult your router documentation for information on doing that.

    3) Firewalls. Firewalls on your G3, in the router, and on the client computer can keep FTP from working in either passive mode or non-passive mode, or both. It may be necessary to open ports or disable firewalls to make things work.

    For all these reasons most people don't go to the trouble of running an FTP server on a home machine; instead they provide an anonymous FTP dropbox on a web server where people can put files.

    I hope this helps,

    Jim Matthews
    Fetch Softworks

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  • metropical Member

    thanks Jim. I'll do some more reading I guess and decide what to do.

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