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Some minor suggestions... (2 posts)

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  • Started 22 years ago by sescha
  • Latest reply 22 years ago from Jim Matthews
  • sescha Member


    it's me again, jumping at this rare chance here to get some feedback right back to the developer after some days of use... ;-)

    Overall, I love the new version. The server-copy and mirror features rock! But you know, users are never really satisfied, so here we go: Some small things you might want to consider... ;-)

    Extend the option in the connect dialog that reads
    "Try to connect ______ times."
    "Try to connect ______ times in intervals of ______ seconds."
    Some FTP servers are set to block access from IPs that try to connect repetitively at too short intervalls ("hammering"). The useful option of auto-retries will become even more useful if users are allowed to set this interval for waiting between retries.

    Please consider changing back from the donut progress thingie to either the old pie chart type or another graphic that uses more contrast.
    I have taken the habit of monitoring my ftp transfers from across the room while doing something else. The old pie chart allowed me to see the progress of transfers at one quick glance.
    The new design, although pretty in itself, has very little contrast between the bar and its grey background.
    Maybe it's just me, but I noticed that I could hardly distinguish the bar from its donut background from a couple of metres away, so I have to walk over to the monitor now to see how far fetch is.

    On second thought though, maybe its just a strange habit of mine to monitor fetch from the distance,,,

    Anyway, just a few suggestions. Thanks for reading. :-)

    Posted 22 years ago #

  • Jim Matthews Administrator

    Thanks for the feedback. You can change the retry interval by running this AppleScript:

    tell application "Fetch 4.0.1"
    set retry delay to 60
    end tell

    This sets the delay to 60 seconds.

    I like the donut progress bar, but you are right that it doesn't have as much contrast. I'll think about ways to improve that.


    Jim Matthews
    Fetch Softworks

    Posted 22 years ago #

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