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  • Started 20 years ago by Dan Emerson
  • Dan Emerson Member

    To Whom:

    Looking for a Fetch user who could lead a new Fetch user (me) through fundamentals. Tried to do it on my own and floundered.

    Objective: I want to set up a one-page-of-text website myself, so I can do the ongoing editing. Have had an existing website for some years, set up by others, <>. It is on standby waiting for a needed update for the products involved.

    How-to Efforts to date: (1) Communicated with a potential coach - was capable, cooperative. Although he was PC/Windows and I am Mac/Netscape we thought it would work in that both use the same HTML. But we couldn't really communicate, and I gave up. (2) Found a local independent lady Mac website developer. Before getting our effort off the ground, she was hired by an employer (good $$$) and relocated to another area. (3) Inquired at a local Mac Users Group. Came up with one of the leaders, gives talks, writes books. He revelled in the leading edge ... I'm back in the middle. I didn't have the stuff he had, he didn't have the stuff I work with. Example: he liked Interarchy over Fetch. To communicate I should learn Interarchy. Tried, but it too involved ... Fetch seems down-to-earth.

    Conclusion: Have to find someone who can cope with my level - I don't want to have to learn a lot of new stuff to communicate. My goal is not to be a computer expert - it is to present a couple of concepts to those interested via websites. Computing is a necessary tool, not an avocation. Bought a HTML manual but learned that I can compose a page with PageMaker and export it as HTML to the desktop. When the file is dragged onto the Netscape icon the text page appears, so I assume it is usable.

    Have a registered name and a host. <> and the host is When the URL is entered, the page opens as "Under Construction". The need is to get the page to display the text. Also need a "Reply" function for email communication.

    Will be happy to pay for coaching service. Have had a standby hardware techman for several years, Apple-certified. Always has the answers and gets the show back on the road fast. Goes along with hanging back somewhat ... using iMac OS 9.0.4. He charges $60 hr for onsite calls, no transportation time, and free phone walk-throughs. The lady webpage developer charged $25 hr. and the pro charged $100 per hour.
    The lady kept track of her time carefully, the men both gave/give me very favorable time charges, maybe because they have noted my program and think it has merit, or they may have empathy for elders, or maybe it's just that I am such a nice guy.

    Dan Emerson

    Posted 20 years ago #

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