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stuffit trying to open PHP files (3 posts)

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  • Started 21 years ago by ryber
  • Latest reply 21 years ago from ryber
  • ryber Member

    Hello, When I open a php file from "Open With BBEDIT", BBEdit will open the file but then Stuffit expander will try to decompress it. This does not happen when I open a php file on a local drive.

    I am not using Internet config and I have .php files maped only to bbedit in the suffix mapping. Also I see no refrence to php in stuffit expanders prefrences.

    Any Ideas?

    Posted 21 years ago #

  • Jim Matthews Administrator

    If you choose "Post-processing..." from the Customize menu do you see any post-processing actions that pass BBEdit files to StuffIt Expander?


    Jim Matthews
    Fetch Softworks

    Posted 21 years ago #

  • ryber Member

    UUencode had a type of TEXT and a creator of R*ch which is what PHP files are. I removed it and everything is working fine now. I never use UUencodeing anyway.


    Posted 21 years ago #

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