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The Running Dog... (3 posts)

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  • Started 20 years ago by MrTemplate
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  • MrTemplate Member


    i've been using a trial version of fetch and now await the call back from sales to purchase the product.

    in the meantime i've been uploading 10MG and 12MG zipped and binhexed files from my mac OS 10.1.5 to a unix server. the upload speeds here in nyc typically average 37K a second (if i'm saying that right).

    thank goodness that fetch shows the file size, transfer rate, and so on. my thanks are based on many instances when, towards the end of an upload, fetch states that there's still a small portion of data to be transferred, the "time remaining" becomes static at, say, :04 seconds (for 10 minutes or more), the transfer rate seems to be acceptable (37K or 28K for example), but nothing happens except the dog running.

    patience not being my strongest suit, i have then stopped the transfer, closed the window, opened a new connection to the same server site, and the file is there. when i've then downloaded that same file from the server, it appears to decompress and be fully functional.

    sorry for the length of this string. anyhoo, the questions are this:

    1. why does the file size "to be transferred" and the file size "that's been transferred" not the same when the i stop the file transfer, yet the file apparently has successfully been uploaded?

    2. is there anything i can do to complete the upload command, so that i'm not confronted with the "almost uploaded, only :04 seconds to go, been that way for the past 10 minutes now, really, honest, only :04 seconds, watch the running dog, isn't it pretty?" scenario?

    3. in my ignorance of the program: i've scanned the help, maybe this isn't possible. does fetch allow me to also move files from one folder on the server to another?

    thanks for all your help. go nebraska. beat whomever wherever without what's-his-name.

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  • Jim Matthews Administrator

    1. The size-to-be-transfered is sometimes approximate,depending on the file format being used. For BinHex and other text uploads Fetch uses an estimate, and it may be off by a bit; I think that's what's happening in this case. It would be nice if Fetch said "Finishing upload..." or something similar to let you know that Fetch has sent all the data, and is just waiting for it to be acknowledged.

    2. The server should acknowledge the transfer as soon as it has received all the data. The fact that it isn't doing so may indicate a bug in the router you use to connect to the Internet. I would check into whether there's a firmware update available. Otherwise, the workaround you are using is your best bet.

    3. Yes, you can move files by dragging them into folders in the file list. To move a file up a directory level drag it to the open-folder icon above the left side of the file list.


    Jim Matthews
    Fetch Softworks

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  • guest Registered Member

    thanks jim for your assistance.

    hunh. the open file. guess i should go find the instructions and perhaps *read them* so i don't ask so many dumb questions.

    thanks for your patience.


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