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  • Steven Member

    I am using fetch 3.03. I made a website where I display my Quickdraw 3dmf files. The local website on my computer works fine. I have put a helper-file-application in my web browser (IE5 & NN4) so that when I select a 3dmf file simpletext gets opened and I can view the file.

    BUT when I open the file from the remote website it either gets downloaded or I see the file as text in my browser. I think this is because filetype and creator are lost in the fetch transfer. I do use the .3dmf extension and my file-helper-application-settings are correct. How do I solve this. You can view a testpage of my site at
    or the normal page at:

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  • Jim Matthews Administrator

    The web server is responsible for telling the browser what sort of file something is (its MIME type), but to do that it needs some association between the file name extension (such as .3dmf) and the right MIME type (my guess is application/x-3dmf, but I'm not sure). On UNIX web servers this information is stored in the mime.types file, and individual users can add mappings to their .htaccess file. On Windows servers it's stored in the registry, I believe.

    So the short answer is that you need to add a mapping for this MIME type to the web server. Your web service provider should be able to tell you how to do it on your particular server.

    Jim Matthews
    Fetch Softworks

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  • Steven Member


    Steven Verstoep

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