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Upload Problems - RPUT_SENDING (2 posts)

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  • Started 18 years ago by Bret
  • Latest reply 18 years ago from Jim Matthews
  • Bret Member

    One of our clients is having a problem uploading to our WS_FTP 5 Server. During an upload, the the Fetch client will suddenly drop the connection. This is happening intermittently and has been difficult to reproduce. We are noticing RPUT_SENDING errors in the Fetch log - but have no idea what they mean. Can someone shed some light on this error? Here is the Fetch log (the asterisks are to mask identity):

    TYPE I

    200 Type set to IMAGE.

    PASV 227 Entering Passive Mode (64,201,66,20,21,48).

    STOR 0****5_W***_B**d Sig C**B

    150 Opening BINARY data connection for 0****5_W***_B**d Sig C**B

    425 transfer canceled ftp_store: -30000 (state == RPUT_SENDING)


    226 abort successful PWD 257 "/p****/FINAL ***************** upload" is current directory



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    Posted 18 years ago #

  • Jim Matthews Administrator

    From the transcript it looks like it's the server that's dropping the data connection, and sending the message about the transfer being canceled (FTP clients drop the data connection to mark the end of an upload, so if it was Fetch dropping the connection the server would not report an error).

    Would it be possible to get a packet trace of the failure, using tcpdump or some similar tool? That would probably clarify what is happening on the wire.


    Jim Matthews
    Fetch Softworks

    Posted 18 years ago #

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