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Upload slowing to a crawl - repeatedly (2 posts)

  • Started 16 years ago by Radiothomas
  • Latest reply 16 years ago from Radiothomas
  • Radiothomas Member

    I'm trying to upload a large WAV file to a client, and have run into nothing but trouble.

    First it took forever to upload even a small chunk of the file. Then I rebooted and it uploaded up to 98.4MB (of about 205 MB), and stalled out.

    So I plugged in via Ethernet, and stared uploading again. Same thing: it uploaded to exactly 98.4 MB, and stalled. I didn't know about the resume upload function, so I quit, and started a third time.

    This time it got to about 75 MB, and since then I've been trying to stop the upload, resume it and so on and so on. The upload speed is now consistently at 11.8 or so KB/sec, so this is going to take forever... I'm about to get to 98.4 MB completed and we'll see what happens there.

    I'm using Mac OS 10.4.8, Fetch 5.1, with a DSL connection, wireless. Internet and e-mail work fine, though I'm hardly running anything on the download front.

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  • Radiothomas Member

    And I've now, for the fourth time, reached 98.4 MB, and the transfer was aborted/stalled... here's the script:

    ...never mind.

    I figured it out after a few hours - the client's server folder was full, the transfer is proceeding normally now.

    Sorry to bother all of you.

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