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  • Started 18 years ago by Sundancer
  • Latest reply 18 years ago from Scott McGuire
  • Sundancer Member

    My friend and I are both posting our web pages using Fetch, also using the same type of computer. He registered his domain with, I went with He had no problems getting his website up and working, but I could not even log in. I pestered domainsite until they finally fixed it so i was able to log in, but now my website just isnt working at all. It says url not found. I tried loading my pages, I tried loading his pages. My pages work fine on his website, nothing loads on mine. The only difference between his site working and mine not is the domain. So I assumed it was another problem with domainsite. However, they said they don't do ftp support and it must be a problem with Fetch. Can you help? Do I need to pay and transfer my domain somewhere else?

    Posted 18 years ago #

  • Scott McGuire Administrator


    If you uploaded your files to your friend's website using Fetch, and they worked fine there, it's pretty unlikely that Fetch is the cause of the problem when you upload them to your website.

    Here's a couple of things to check:
    * Make sure your website's home page is named "index.html" (without the quotes). If if isn't, change the name of the file on the webserver and try loading your website again.
    * If it is named "index.html" try renaming it to "index.htm" (without quotes) instead and reloading the website.
    * Connect to your website using Fetch, and select the index.html file. Click the Get Info button. Show the "Ownership and Permissions" pane. Make sure the "Others: Read" checkbox is checked. If it isn't, check it and see if that fixes the problem (then you'll need to do that for all the other files on your website).

    I'm not sure what to suggest beyond that. I looked over's minimal help files and didn't see any other gotchas or stuff you needed to do to enable your website.

    Let us know if any of these sugestions help. Thanks,

    Scott McGuire
    Fetch Softworks

    Posted 18 years ago #


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