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  • Started 15 years ago by jasonmeyer
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  • jasonmeyer Member

    I created a web page with iWeb. Then I followed the directions to save to a folder on my desktop. I opened fetch and successfully connected to my server. I followed the directions on fetch to take the folder from my desktop to put on my site. Fetch puts the info on the 1and1 server just fine. But I cant see the info when I go to my site. I just get a 404 error code. Any ideas?

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  • Scott McGuire Administrator


    The most common problem when trying to upload pages created with iWeb is that for your website to work correctly once you upload it, after you publish your website to a folder, you need to upload the contents of the folder - but not the folder itself - to your server.

    From your description, it sounds like you this may be your problem; I'd try opening the folder and putting the contents up instead.

    Here are some alternate instructions for using Fetch to upload iWeb-created websites; you may find them easier to follow.

    1. Create a folder on your desktop with the name of your website (something like "My Website March 5").
    2. In iWeb, go to the File menu, and choose Publish to a Folder.
    3. You will be prompted to choose a folder to put your website files in. Choose the folder you created on your desktop.
    4. iWeb will export the files that make up your website.
    5. Open Fetch.
    6. Enter the information for your server into the New Connection dialog and click Connect.
    7. A new window listing the folder and files on your server appears. This is the Fetch transfer window.
    8. In the transfer window, open the folder where you want to put your website files. You can change to a different folder by double-clicking on its icon. (Note that on some servers you do not need to change to a different folder.)
    9. Open the website folder you created on your desktop. You will see an index.html and one or more folders.
    10. Select all of these and drag them to the transfer window of Fetch.
    11. Fetch will start uploading your files and folders. The dog cursor runs until Fetch has finished putting your files on to the server.
    12. Once Fetch has finished uploading, visit your website to make sure it looks correct.

    If you're still having problems after trying these suggestions, let us know.


    Scott McGuire
    Fetch Softworks

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