Fetch Softworks announces hiring of Miro Jurišić, noted programmer by Jim Matthews

Etna, NH — Fetch Softworks today announces the hiring of Miro Jurišić, Macintosh programmer extraordinaire. Miro is well known to comp.sys.mac.programmer readers as a fount of expertise on Macintosh programming and C++. A graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), he contributed to the Kerberos security software in Apple's Mac OS X. In addition he is a two-time winner of the MacHax Group's Victor A-Trap award for best hack at the annual MacHack conference, and a contributor to the widely-used MacCVS Pro source control application.

“At MIT Miro was responsible for adding Kerberos support to our Fetch File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client, making Fetch the only Kerberos-enabled Macintosh FTP program” said Jim Matthews, owner of Fetch Softworks. “We are thrilled to have him on board as we make further enhancements to Fetch in the areas of security, performance and reliability.”

In other news:

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