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Engineering by Jim Matthews, Ben Artin, and Scott McGuire.

Testing by Doug Grinbergs and Scott McGuire.

Documentation by Scott McGuire.

Copyright © 2001-2017, Fetch Softworks.

Copyright © 2000, Trustees of Dartmouth College.

Fetch is a product of Fetch Softworks.

Uses RSA Data Security, Inc. MD4 & MD5 message digest algorithms.

Other product and company names mentioned herein may be trademarks or trade names of their respective holders.

Thanks to:

  • Anthony Piraino of The Iconfactory for icons, art, and the new running dog.
  • Ron Avitzur, Rob Barris, Marshall Clow, Tim Dierks, Chris Espinosa, Mat Marcus, John Penn, Quinn 'The Eskimo,' Jonathan 'Wolf' Rentzsch, Leonard Rosenthol, Eric Schlegel, Rich Siegel, Keith Stattenfield, James Thomson, and Russell Williams, for assorted technical assistance.
  • John Norstad and Northwestern University, for resource file checking code.
  • Wordstation and Jean-Pierre Kuypers for the localizations.
  • Tadashi Suzuki and Hart Computer for the logo.
  • Kate Fagerstrom for the new disk image background and other graphics.
  • Robin Olson for the previous disk image background and widget graphics.
  • Mitch Jones of Allume for the copious help with StuffIt.
  • Kathy Kimball for slogans and ad design.
  • Cathy Richardson and Chapin for the bark.
  • Apple's Human Interface Group for helpful advice.
  • Dartmouth College for supporting Fetch's development 1989-2000.
  • All the users who reported problems and suggested new features.
  • All the individuals and companies who licensed version 4.
  • Margie, Daniel, and Dylan, for their love and support.