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The Clone Window command lets you create a second connection to a server by duplicating a transfer window.

This command is available as:

Control-click in any transfer window and choose Clone Window from the contextual menu to open a new transfer window that is connected to the same server and folder as the original transfer window.

Note that when you have two connections open to the same server, changes you make in one transfer window may not be reflected in the other transfer window until you use the Refresh command.

Normally Fetch tries not to open duplicate connections to the same server — for example, when you open a shortcut from the Fetch Shortcuts window and a connection to that server is already open, it does not open a new transfer window. The Clone Window command may be useful when you do want to open the same connection twice.

You can also open a second, new transfer window to a server by Command-double-clicking a remote folder in a file list or Command-double-clicking a shortcut. Another way is to use the New Connection command to open a second, new connection to a server.