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The Fetch Dashboard widget is no longer available or included with Fetch as of Fetch 5.7.

If you were a regular user of the Fetch widget, we apologize, but due to a variety of technical and compatibility reasons, supporting the Fetch widget was no longer feasible.

We suggest that you create and use droplet shortcuts instead, since they also provide an easy way to start an upload by dragging and dropping files.

The Fetch Dashboard widget from previous versions of Fetch may still be installed. It will not work with Fetch 5.7 or later. Please follow these instructions to uninstall it:

  1. Open Dashboard, either by clicking on Dashboard icon in the Dock or by pressing the Dashboard keyboard shortcut (usually the F12 key).
  2. Click on the Open (+) button in the bottom-left of the screen to reveal the widget bar.
  3. Click Manage Widgets to open the Widgets Dashboard widget.
  4. Scroll the list of widgets until you have located the Fetch widget.
  5. Click on the red Remove (-) button after the name of the Fetch widget.
  6. Click OK to confirm that you want to move the widget to the Trash.