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The area at the bottom of the transfer window is the status pane. It contains information about what Fetch is doing at any given time.

If a file transfer is in progress, on the left of the status pane you'll see a donut-shaped progress indicator showing how much of the current transfer has been completed. The status pane also displays the name of the file currently being transferred, how many files have been transferred so far, the total number of files in the transfer, the download mode or upload format being used, the amount of data that's been transferred so far, the total amount of data in the transfer, the average speed of the transfer, and an estimate of how long it will take for the entire transfer to complete.

When a transfer or other action is in progress, you can click the Stop button on the right side of the status pane to halt the transfer or action. You can also stop the current action by typing Command-. (Command-period). Once you have done so, the button will disappear and the status pane will display "Stopping…"

Most servers support the stop command and canceling will only take a few seconds. Some servers, however, ignore the stop command and insist on completing the current action. In these cases, the status line will display "Stopping…" for quite a while. The only ways to quickly exit from this situation are to close the connection by closing the transfer window, or to quit Fetch.

The status pane may also give other messages telling you what Fetch is doing when an action is not instantaneous, such as "Connecting…" (establishing a connection), "Changing folder name…" (when you're moving to another remote folder), "Getting file list…" (reading the contents a remote folder), and so forth.

When no action is taking place, the status pane tells you the status of your connection to the server. When the status pane displays "Connected", actions happen without Fetch having to reestablish the connection, whereas when it displays "Disconnected", Fetch will have to reestablish the connection before performing an action. It's normal for servers to become disconnected after your connection has been inactive for a few minutes, and Fetch almost always reestablishes connections transparently, so you don't need to worry if your transfer window is connected or disconnected.