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Text windows are used any time Fetch needs to display text-based information. They behave similarly to any other Macintosh window that shows text, although you cannot edit the contents of Fetch text windows.

Text windows include the Fetch Transcript window, server message windows, and the verbose file list window.

In any text window, you can:

  • Select text using the mouse and keyboard, and copy it to the clipboard.
  • Select and drag text to any location that accepts drag-and-drop, such as a window in another application or the Finder desktop.
  • Search for words or phrases in text windows with the Find command.
  • Print the contents of the window with the Print command.
  • Save the contents of the window as a text file with the Save a Copy As command.

You can edit a remote text file on a server using the Edit command. If you want to make changes to a text file locally but not on the server, use the Save a Copy As command to save it to disk and then edit it with your favorite text editor.