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changed . mov to ,jpg/ ,jpg worked but other problem developed (1 post)

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  • Started 21 years ago by Bev Gerrard
  • Bev Gerrard Member

    Hi Jim
    thank you for your advice. Using the .jpg extention did work. But it enhanced another problem I was going to ask you about after I resolved the .mov problem. I have a problem with (.jpg sliced images) not viewing. I put the .mov file back in my website folder. I did this for two reasons: One so you can look at my site and see both problems now occuring. I checked my site both with the .jpg file and putting back the .mov file. The ( .jpg slice) that displays the link to the file in question will not view now with either file, the .jpg or the .mov? I have already uploaded this same web site to another server and all the .mov files are working. So I know they can all work. For consistancy sake I would like to attempt to keep the .mov file, if you can help me find a way to do that. I would like to know if there is a way to do this using my present 3.0 fetch software because, I dont have the money right now to pay for the cost of downloading the new
    4.0.2 fetch software and I need to get this site up and running soon. If you would like to view my site on another server hear is the URL:
    The file in question is located on the graphic.html page, the link is the selfportarait link. This is the file I have been refering to.

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